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We aim to provide content to equip believers in the body of Christ for the work of the ministry through evangelism, discipleship, daily growth, Bible study, shepherding, and academics so as to accurately study and teach the Word of God as described in 2 Timothy 2:15., and theWord community is committed to producing high quality, useful products for Christian laymen and those in the ministry.

August 2020 Newsletter!

Greetings from theWordBooks!

In this newsletter, for the month of August 2020, we are highlighting some

New Resources

·  Exploring the Bible: Malachi For the masses

·  Lutherbibel 2017 mit Apokryphen

Studies in theWord, Resources on Sale, and Support Resources to help with growth in Bible study.

We hope these resources and a daily reading of God’s Word in theWord Bible Software will encourage you in your personal growth in the Lord and as you encourage others in their growth in the Lord.

New Resources

Exploring the Bible: Malachi For the masses

As the last book in the Old Testament, Malachi stands as a gateway in the city walls awaiting the arrival of the King. This prophet provides us not with leather sofas and warm slippers, but with truth which drives us out of complacency and makes us dive deep into a life-changing faith in Almighty God. Whatever our situation, growing in love for God is what benefits us most. So why not read through Malachi with eyes and hearts open to the God who yearns to love us into life? Malachi for the Masses unfolds the message of Malachi and its enduring relevance to us today as we wait at the gateway for the return of the King.

theWord special features included in this Book:

·  Verse popups

·  Verse synchronization

·  Fully searchable text

·  Commentary link popup can be set in Bible view.

·  Footnotes

·  Easy navigation of topics via topics tree display.

Price: $7.00

Purchase Exploring the Bible: Malachi For the masses


Lutherbibel 2017 mit Apokryphen


Die Lutherbibel 2017 ist der zum Gebrauch empfohlene Bibeltext der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland (EKD). Die klassische deutsche Bibelübersetzung ist nach wie vor die in Deutschland am weitesten verbreitete.

theWord Besonderheiten in der Bibel enthalten:

·  Popup-Fußnoten (Umschalttaste F)

·  Vers pro Zeile und Gedicht- / Absatzformat (Umschalttaste P)

·  Überschriften (Umschalttaste H)

·  In den Bibeltext eingebaute Querverweise. (Umschalttaste X)

·  Verbunden mit dem zugehörigen Hybrid-Apokryphen-Modul über Vers-Synchronisation.

theWord special features included in Bible:

·  Popup footnotes (toggle key F)

·  Verse per line and Poetry/Paragraph format (toggle key P)

·  Headings (toggle key H)

·  Cross-references built into Bible text. (toggle key X)

·  Linked to accompanying Hybrid Notes Module via verse synchronization.

Price: $18.99

Lutherbibel 2017 mit Apokryphen

 Studies in theWord


Studies in theWord

Here you can find studies using theWord. You may find tutorial videos, or resources that were used in the study of God’s Word.

Studies in theWord

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 Resources on Sale


Mid-Monthly Sales for theWORD

Here you can also find additional sales starting the 15th of each month and going through the 15th of the next month along with a devotional put together by theWord users.

Mid-Monthly Sales

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 Constable Notes

The Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas L. Constable

These Bible Study Notes, written by Dr. Thomas L. Constable over a 25-year period, provide commentary on all 66 books of the Bible, and hold about 7,000 pages of material. Dr. Constable’s Notes, also known as expository notes to Dr. Constable’s seminary students, are intended to help you to better understand the Bible.In addition to the verse-by-verse explanations of the entire Bible, extra resources include historical background, scope, purpose, theology, and outline information on the individual books. Thousands of footnote references are a helpful source for further, more in-depth study.

Regular price: $34.95 Sale price: $29.95 Sale ends August 31st

Purchase The Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas L. Constable

 NIC Commentary Isaiah chs 1-39NIC Commentary Chs 40-66

New International Commentary: The Book of Isaiah (2 vols.)

Volume 1The first of John N. Oswalt’s two-part study of the book of Isaiah for the NICOT series, this commentary on chapters 1–39 combines theological acumen, literary sensitivity, philological expertise, and historical knowledge to present a faithful and accurate reading of one of the Old Testament’s most important books.

In the introduction to this work, Oswalt considers Isaiah’s background, unity of composition, date and authorship, canonicity, Hebrew text, theology, and problems of interpretation, and he offers a select bibliography for further research. Oswalt also provides substantial discussions of several issues crucial to the book of Isaiah. He notes, for example, that scholars often divide Isaiah into three divisions, with chapters 1–39 addressing Isaiah’s contemporaries in the eighth century b.c., chapters 40–55 presupposing the exile of the sixth century, and chapters 56–66 presupposing the eventual return from exile. While taking this scholarship into account Oswalt defends the unity of the prophetic book and argues convincingly that the whole book can be attributed to the Isaiah of the eighth century.

The commentary proper, based on Oswalt’s own translation of the Hebrew text, provides pastors, scholars, and students with a lucid interpretation of the book of Isaiah in its ancient context as well as an exposition of its message for today.

Volume 2

The second of John N. Oswalt’s two-part study of the book of Isaiah for the NICOT series, this commentary provides exegetical and theological exposition on the latter twenty-seven chapters of Isaiah for scholars, pastors, and students who seek to know the perennial meaning of the text in contemporary terms.

Though Oswalt’s main introduction to Isaiah is found in his commentary on chapters 1–39, this second volume opens with an important discussion of scholarly debate over the unity/diversity of Isaiah. In this work Oswalt makes stronger his case for reading the entire book of Isaiah as written by a single author—a position not common in other recent commentaries. Oswalt’s work stands alone, then, as an attempt to take seriously Israel’s historical situation at the time chapters 40–66 were composed while also seeking to understand how these chapters function as a part of Isaiah’s total vision written in the late 700s or early 600s b.c.

Assuming the single authorship of Isaiah, the verse-by-verse commentary aims to interpret chapters 40–66 in light of the book as a whole. While not neglecting issues of historical criticism or form criticism, the commentary focuses mainly on the theological meaning of the text as indicated especially by the literary structure. Building on his earlier argument that the central theme of Isaiah is servanthood, Oswalt keeps readers focused on the character of Israel’s sovereign Redeemer God, on the blind servant Israel, and on the ultimate work of the Suffering Servant in whom the world can find its Savior.

Regular price: $75.60 (2 vols.) Sale price: $62.95 (2 vols.) Sale ends August 31st

Purchase New International Commentary: The Book of Isaiah (2 vols.)

 NIC Commentary Proverbs Chs 1-15NIC Commentary Proverbs Chs 16-31

New International Commentary: The Book of Proverbs (2 vols.)

Volume 1Over twenty-five years in the making, this much-anticipated commentary promises to be the standard study of Proverbs for years to come. Written by eminent Old Testament scholar Bruce Waltke, this two-volume commentary is unquestionably the most comprehensive work on Proverbs available.

Grounded in the literary criticism that has so strengthened biblical interpretation, Waltke’s commentary on Proverbs demonstrates the profound, ongoing relevance of this Old Testament book for Christian faith and life. A thorough introduction addresses such issues as text and versions, structure, authorship, and theology. The detailed commentary itself explains and elucidates Proverbs as “theological literature.” Waltke’s highly readable style—evident even in his original translation of the Hebrew text—makes his scholarly work accessible to teachers, pastors, Bible students, and general readers alike.

Volume 2For the modern mind, the book’s cultural setting seems far removed from the twenty-first century. Proverbs puts a high priority on tradition and age, while the modern mind prizes change and youth. For Christians, Proverbs seems irrelevant. For the translator, Proverbs defies translations.

In the second part of his two-volume commentary, Waltke confronts these exegetical and interpretive challenges head on. This historico-grammatical commentary on Proverbs uncovers the profound philosophical and theological insights of this ancient book. Waltke helps readers understand the poetics used in its composition, and challenges modern prejudices toward the book.

Regular price: $73.08 (2 vols.) Sale price: $62 (2 vols.) Sale ends August 31st

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