DMCDigital Millennium Copyright Act is backed by US and international laws and treaties which in explained in detail by this statement at

Basically it says that not only do those nations who subscribe to the DMCA implement and defend copyrights in their own laws, but they respect other nations rights and laws with respect to the same. Additionally this act makes it illegal to not just cause the content of books under copyright to cause to fall into the hands of other people, but also makes it criminal to publicize information on how to defeat encryption and copyright protection systems for electronic media, e.g. theWord Bible Software.

Implications users of theWord Software, and customers of theWord Premium Modules…

If you purchase a module from us, you cannot share that module with other people. It is solely for your personal use. This means it is illegal to seek to bypass the built in methods used to protect this software, and it is immoral to do so. The copyright laws in place in the United States are taken from international treaties where most countries in the world have the same basic laws protecting copyright.

You are not even allowed to transmit the contents of any premium module to another person by any means. The copyright laws permit limited (in size) use from any work for review, commentary, or refutation, but beyond that, it is illegal to cause the work to fall into other people’s hands that have not paid the copyright holder or their representatives (in this case theWordBooks LLC).

Implications for theWordBooks LLC

We are open to any claim of Digital Rights infringement. Every single module we offer on theWordBooks is only those for sale, and we have a negociated contract to put them up for sale specifically and exclusively on our website. If you have a valid claim against a work on our website which you believe you are the owner of the digital rights, please email us at [email protected] with the particulars, and we will address that issue.