The following software is not directly supported by theWordBooks team but we do highly recommend it.

If you have questions please ask the author of the software.


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– this is an excellent tool for converting resources to use with theWord Bible Software:

  • Books from html, epub, docx (MS Word), RTF (RichTextFile), etc.
  • Bibles from csv, html, xml, usx, usfm, etc. (text files)

You can learn more about it here and ask questions:

Download here:










– this is an excellent tool to work on:

  • Bible translation projects
  • Add Strong’s to a Bible
  • Add Morphology to a Bible
  • Make an Interlinear

Here is the help file:

Here is the program you can also ask questions here in “issues”:

To download scroll down looking for Assets then download the iBiblia….zip file and extract it to a folder on your computer.

The program is ran using iBiblia.exe. See the Help file above for use.