theWord® module license information

Please, read carefully the following terms. If you purchase one the modules from our offerings you acknowledge that you fully understand and agree with this acceptable use policy, and that you will abide by it.

The module you purchased is accompanied with a personal serial number which, along with your full name and email address, constitute the ‘unlock data’ that allow you access to the module. In this license agreement, the word ‘module’ refers both to the ‘unlock data’ and the actual files that comprise the module.

The module(s) that you purchased are only licensed for and compatible with theWord Bible software. You will not be able to use them with any other software or outside of theWord.

You may not modify, decompile, disassemble or otherwise reverse engineer any part of these module(s). You may not distribute the file(s) included in this package in any way (either in a private or public network, internet, or other media). You are allowed, however, to make copies of it for archival purposes. You are not allowed to copy the content of this module out of the program except to make reasonably short quotes. You are not allowed to re-format, change or otherwise format-shift the content of this module for any use. This module is solely for viewing within the theWord Bible software.

If you are an individual, you are allowed to install and use this module(s) in any number of computers that you personally own and use for yourself and that of your immediate family. If you are installing this module(s) on a public computer, you may install it on a single computer. In the case of a public computer, a new license must be purchased for each seat.