There can be various items that will block an installation in Windows.

We will be looking at three areas, 1.  Antivirus, 2. App & Browser Control and 3. lastly if the .exe has a block placed on it.

Then you should be able to install theWord.


Sometimes we get what are called “false positives” with an Antivirus program.

1. Simply temporarily disable your antivirus program(s) if they are blocking. theWord.
2. Install theWord
3. Re-enable your Antivirus program.

App & Browser Control:

Windows Security can also have some items that “falsely block” theWord.

Go to Windows Settings > Privacy & Security > Windows Security > App & Browser Control:

1. Smart App Control:

Make sure this is set to off. You can turn it back on later if you like.

2. Reputation-based protection:

Make sure the following 3 are set to off. You can turn them back on later if you like.


Right Click the .exe of the file you are installing.

If you see “Unblock” that means a block has been placed. Click this so as to unblock it, it should now show a check mark in this box.

Install theWord

Now try to install theWord again. If you are still having trouble please contact us.