Our Refund Policy

refundsWe are Christians, and we expect that people who visit our website, those who purchase our modules, and those who use them should be and act like Christians also. This makes a certain amount of ethical demands on both us (seller) and you (customer).

Seller Ethics

We negotiate with copyright holders of Christian works to secure the rights (via legal contracts) to put their works into a theWord Bible software module. Legally we are bound by our contracts with these copyright holders, and we must observe those stipulations as per our contracts with them.

Since we are doing our best to put modern works into theWord format, and find, secure the rights, and publish Bibles in the formats that people request us, we ask that you respect our rights and business model. By this we mean that you do not destroy, undermine, or otherwise cause ill or harm to the work we are doing.

Refunds and Customer Satisfaction

We are a service oriented business. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

Some conditions:

(1) If you were not paying attention and click, click purchased. Please recognize that, think about that before requesting refund. You should read up on what you are purchasing, and buy only after careful consideration.

(2) We will only refund to the original customer that purchased the Software.

(3) We need to establish that you are the original customer, so you must correspond with us using the email you used when you purchased the module. If that is not possible, please explain why it is not possible. We will try to do a work around if possible.

(4) The refund should be requested within 7 days of purchasing the module.

(5) We will reimburse you by the same way that you made the purchase (through Paypal processing system).

(6) We will reimburse the original amount minus the the original transaction fee plus a $10 administration fee. This is due to a change made by Paypal on October 11, 2019.

Some Understandings:

To ask for a refund means you do not want to use the module, and you will delete it and all copies. You are expressly prohibited from sharing, giving, selling, or otherwise allowing a module to come into the possession of somebody other than you, and even in the case of sharing the module within your own home, all of those copies must also be deleted.

Sometimes a refund will be denied

The primary reason is when somebody abuses the refund policy. If he is an Apple user, and he purchases one of our modules, and it doesn’t install or work in your machine, then he can contact us at theWord Books for a possible refund. But when the same person uses this reason time after time, then at some point refunds will be refused because of abuse. For those who post any premium module elsewhere on the Internet (all modules carry an ID and password needed before using) for free download (or for sale) on the Internet, refunds will be denied. Such conduct will not be tolerated, and the person will be reported to the authorities, and legal action will be pursued against them, and no refunds will be given to that person for that item or for any purchase in the future.

You should read up on what you are purchasing, and buy only after careful consideration.

Customer Ethics

The customer purchases a module, it is for his personal use. It is illegal (and infringement on the copyright laws) to post any module downloaded from this website on the Internet, send to any third party (not theWordBooks LLC or the immediate purchaser/client), or to give, or cause any module to come into the possession of a third party. For the purposes of this discussion, your immediate family includes all people regularly living in a single family house. This may include children and parents, but not families outside of that immediate situation (children or parents of the purchaser of the module). If there is any doubts, please send us an email with your doubt and the particulars of your situation, and a consideration will be given, and a possible site license given. For those pastors who purchase a module, every minister or other person in your church must purchase their own copy of that same module. If you would like to purchase a particular module for a number of people, please contact us, and theWordBooks LLC also would be glad to do a corporate licensing agreement with a discount.

Every customer that purchases a premium module from this website understands that this is a NON-TRANSFERABLE TRANSACTION. You may not turn around and sell the module to somebody else. This is not like a physical book, but it is in essence a software license to use the copyrighted work on your personal computers.