Question 1: What if I buy a module and just don’t like it.

Answer 1: In general, you may contact theWord books LLC within a month or two of your purchase, and a refund will be issued to you. With the request for a refund, you must agree to delete all copies of the module from your storage, personal and public, and any copies “in the cloud”. The download email that was sent to you should also be deleted. Under no circumstance are you to share any premium modules with anybody except  your spouse or children (or parents), all having to live in the same household with you. For questions or doubts, email us for clarification.


Question 2: What if I purchase a module and it won’t install

Answer 2: Please write us as soon as possible, and we will guide you through the steps to install the module.


Question 3: What if I purchase a module, and the download is corrupt.

Answer 3: Again timeliness is essential here. First find your download and installation email and redownload the module and try again. If that doesn’t work, please contract us for help. We are here to serve you, so please contact us.


Question 4: How do I install the module(s) I purchased?

Answer 4Read here detailed instructions.


Question 5: My AntiVirus Software says the file is an old or infrequently used file. What do I do?

Answer 5: This is a function of the antivirus software, and if they are not up-to-date, then it will sometimes on some files give you this error. The real problem here is that antivirus software in general do not like downloading “exe” off of the Internet under any circumstance unless it is from some well-known website like

Usually the AV software will give you either the option to scan/analyze it before downloading, or to download anyway. (can also analyze the hyperlink at to check it before downloading) While we cannot be responsible if a virus infects a file between us and you, (rarely something like that would happen), I would recommend that you go ahead and download the file anyway.

If you absolutely cannot download the file, please go directly into theWord software program, and download any of the modules you purchase directly from within the software. Let me explain here. No matter if you purchase from this present website (, you download the module via inside the program, or you get a bootleg copy of the module from somewhere else (remember that bootleg copies could be infected with virus), NONE OF THEM WILL WORK WITHOUT THE PASSWORD.

theWord program is an excellent program in protecting Digital Media Rights. There is a registry of each module, each customer that has purchased that module, and every time/place/computer or device that has that module registered. When you try to register the module, your name and email and special password has to be in the database or theWord will not register it. But once you purchase the module, it is there, and it makes no difference if you got the module from your email giving you the download links, or internally from theWord “Add Modules” menu option, or even from a USB or DVD of theWord from a donation. You have to have your information registered as having purchased the module in order for theWord to give you access to it.


Question 6: I made my purchase, got some emails, but my password and download email hasn’t come yet? What do I do?

Answer 6: First of, wait. The response emails for new purchases are generated automatically, and they usually take literally seconds or at most some 5-10 minutes to be sent out. So these should come very quickly. Our system is totally automated (as far as purchases are concerned) so the website software takes care of all of this.

The generation of the actual download email (which has the unlock code in it) is a little different. For every purchase, a new exe file is created and stamped with your particular unlock information. This takes a little time, and depending on the activity on the website, this may take up to a few hours or half a day to get to you. So if you have made your purchase, please don’t panic until about 8 hours has passed.

Still hasn’t come. Some of the common problems are that something happened in either your paypal, or with your email address or something else. (Glitches do happen occasionally but we are fixing any of them). After about 8 hours, send an email to customer support at Use the same email address and name as your order please. Tell us what you ordered, and if no emails got through or not (changing or correcting your email address may help), or if the initial purchase emails got through but your password/download email didn’t get through. Customer service will look into it usually within the same day you contact us. If nothing got through, i.e. you got no emails from us, login to your account on (which you have to set up to purchase products), and recheck your email. If you do change your email, please let us know and we will resend everything.

Please email us. We usually answer quickly. If it is necessary, we will call you, but usually everything can be taken care of through email.

From there if your email is right, then we will check the Paypal purchase, and also check to see if your account has everything the way it is supposed to be. We will send you an email telling you what we have found and fixed (if anything). Please send us another email at customer support saying that you got the download/unlock email. It allows us to stop the followup process because if you don’t advise us, we will keep trying to fix the problem.

While you wait…

Note that any of our products are ALREADY ready for download from within the theWord program. All you have to do is open theWord, and on the main menu, to the right of the “Help” menu option is “Add Titles” menu option. From that menu option you can select any premium module and download it into your theWord installation. Note that “having” the module in your theWord folder doesn’t mean you can use it. Without the password and unlock data, you will not be able to unlock the module and use it. Every time you open theWord after downloading the module, theWord will ask you for the password and unlock data (which is annoying so don’t download all the premiums modules if you are not going to purchase them). But that is an alternative method for getting the actual premium module on your computer while you wait for the password/unlock email to arrive.

Note: It is our understanding that in all theWord installations using emulators (i.e. MAC, Linux, or Ubuntu), the emulator itself prevents the program from downloading files from the Internet, so the theWord auto-update function, and the download modules functions won’t work. Go to the website and download free modules, and wait for the password/unlock email for the download link(s) for what you purchased.


Question 7: Orders put on hold by Paypal.

Answer 7: If we can help you with your purchase please send an email to customer support, and we will help you in anyway we can. If your order is put on hold by Paypal, then something in the purchase of the product went wrong (i.e. where your money for the product in your Paypal is transfered to our Paypal account). This happens sometimes. If this happens we will usually catch it within a short period of time. We check purchases daily. But if this does happen, please start the process by sending us an email at customer support stating that you still want the product, or if you do not want it, that you want to cancel it. When we get in touch with Paypal customer support, we need to know from your whether your desire is to go through with the purchase or stop it completely. If you want to cancel it, we can do that without having to talk to Paypal customer support. These questions usually resolve in a day or so once we tell them what our customer wants to do. (You can also go into your Paypal and cancel the order, and that is an automated process). Usually we can clear this up so that the order goes through, so there is no need to cancel the order and repurchase it.