Thank you for your interest in submitting content as an official resource.

There are a few guidelines that we follow in considering resources before they become official.
(This is important otherwise the high-quality & copyright permission or public domain content that we aim for could be damaged in the official repository.)

  1. Copyright content, we need to be contacted by the author/publisher of the content and have their permission. If we don’t have this we can not proceed.
  2. If public domain, is it good data and in a format we can use? In other words can we build a high quality resource from this data. If it is bad data or wrong format it can be too time consuming.
  3. Does it meet our guidelines in resources we have for theWord. This is up to our discretion. For example: We are not seeking to build a repository of random books on math. We have resources connected to the study of the Bible.
  4. Official formatting standards. (The data needs brought up to a certain formatting style available in this document, theWord Formatting Standards. The final formatting must be confirmed by us. This is only after steps 1-3 are dealt with.) It can be a time consuming effort but before the resource can become official it is necessary.
  5. For the resource to be added to theWord Official repository it will be either an “Appreciation Resource” or a “Royalty Resource.” Please see about “Appreciation Resource” below and “Royalty Resources” below. Note: “Free to You Resources” are costly to develop and host and therefore we have opted for the “Appreciation Resource” model instead to help cover that development and hosting unless it is a “Royalty Resource.”
  6. After all steps 1-5 have been met then up to our discretion we may add the resource to theWord official repository.
  7. If the resource is indeed added to the repository. If you have a website we would ask you to advertise that it is now available in theWord.
  8. By submitting material you agree to the conditions on this page. Please submit material using the “Resource Submission form” below and if it meets our discretion you should receive an email back. Thank you again for all your efforts.

Appreciation Resources: These are resources that have been converted from public domain materials or permission given materials. The appreciation is for us at theWordBooks Team for taking the time, money for programming resources, and more to convert these resources into theWord Bible software format. Resources are formatted for quality and consistency, with all available features correctly implemented to allow them to integrate beautifully into theWord. The end-user may choose how much appreciation they would like to show. This is similar to a donation method. For a user submitted resource that is in the Appreciation model we have a minimum cap of $2.50 as well as a “full price.” For example: A user could select a minimum of $2.50 up to $20. If you would like to remove the minimum and bring it down to $0 there is an admin fee that can be discussed via email depending on the resource.

Royalty Resources: This is Copyrighted data or Public domain that you have developed and wish to receive a royalty for it. This requires a contract and more details than an “Appreciation Resource” that you are allowing us to have on theWordBooks. This requires email correspondence.


After reading the above and you agree that it is ready please use this form to submit a Resource/Module.

Resource Submission form

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(Note requested resources require us to update the survey before they become available to survey.)

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