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Customer Reviews

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Scot Isaacs
This is the one for me

I spend very little time in any other program ........TheWord has got it covered....
this software has literally replaced a plethora of printed reference books, dictionaries, lexicons and assorted Scripture translations on my desk.

David Profitt

You should consider fixing this so people can choose less than 100 dollars, or better yet, whatever they want. $100 is going to be too steep a starting point for many.

Kevin Kenney

This is my go-to Bible study software... I write books with it and diagram my Bible. Just a lovely piece of art. Have taught others how to use it over in Europe. I have other high-end Bible software but it´s just a big clunky library. However, TheWord is different. The cost I´m sure was high to make this software, but the price to get can´t beat it! Thanks Costas!

R. William (Bill) Rambo

This software is a God-send for any Bible loving servant of the Lord. I have been blessed daily as I have found the best resources I could ever want. Thank you for your service to the Lord in making this program available.

Eric Luo

Great help from THE WORD