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theWord’s Official Modules/Books are a result of a great, ongoing effort!

It is interesting to know that about 0.3% of the people that download theWord give to support it. Although this number is small, it does help keep theWord really free for the remaining 99.7% of its users. It has taken countless hours to develop theWord and the “Free to You” official modules/books for theWord.

If you can afford it, and you think that development of theWord’s Official Modules/Books is a worthy ministry you may consider a donation. By doing so you are truly helping provide these modules/books, free of charge to everyone.

There are:
  • 375 “Free to You” resources that we have converted or developed. This continues to grow and your support helps this.
  • 11 “Appreciation” resources that we have converted or developed. This continues to grow and your support helps this.
In the Official repository.

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Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Wilson
Very User-Friendly | A Plethora of Resources

The Word Books is an excellent resource for any Bible student. The interface is very user-friendly and logically arranged. The amount of resources along with how they are organized in each window make research a breeze. I have used other study software and the Word is by far the best I have used. God bless y'all for creating it for us.

Scot Isaacs
WOW !!! amazing the beginning was TheWord .....what else does one need ?

J. Wols

1) Detecting strong numbers in a user module
2) the possibility to order dictionaries so the user can choose which dictionary is first shown in the popup
3) the counting of searched words is not correct if the word occurs more than 1 time in a verse


Não achei nenhum módulo em portugues.

existe um pen-drive com módulos em português?