Give a gift to support Future “Free to You” Module/Book Development


theWord’s Official Modules/Books are a result of a great, ongoing effort!

It is interesting to know that about 0.3% of the people that download theWord give to support it. Although this number is small, it does help keep theWord really free for the remaining 99.7% of its users. It has taken countless hours to develop theWord and the “Free to You” official modules/books for theWord.

If you can afford it, and you think that development of theWord’s Official Modules/Books is a worthy ministry you may consider a donation. By doing so you are truly helping provide these modules/books, free of charge to everyone.

There are:
  • 375 “Free to You” resources that we have converted or developed. This continues to grow and your support helps this.
In the Official repository.

Want to know what others think of theWord? Read theWord Bible software Guestbook.

Notice: If you want to get a USB flash drive with your gift, select one of the products below instead of this one. This product will not make you eligible for a UFD.

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