Resource survey

We are interested in knowing what resources users would like for theWord. An individual may submit a resource request and we need those. But how many others would like that same resource. Would a user be willing to buy it, give appreciation for it, can a user afford to buy it, etc.
There are different things that need to be taken into account for making resources for theWord Bible Software.

The following survey is designed to help us in this process.

Resource Survey Form

Resource Survey Results

Survey guide:

Do you want this resource?
-1. Why are you wasting your time
-.5. I don’t want it
.5. I would like this resource
1. I need this resource
2. I need this resource last year

Would you buy this resource?
-1. I would not buy this resource
.25. I don’t think it is worth much
.5. I would buy it but can’t afford to pay
1. I would buy it
2. I would pay about anything for this resource