Exploring the Bible: Malachi


As the last book in the Old Testament, Malachi stands as a gateway in the city walls awaiting the arrival of the King.

This prophet provides us not with leather sofas and warm slippers, but with truth which drives us out of complacency and makes us dive deep into a life-changing faith in Almighty God.

Whatever our situation, growing in love for God is what benefits us most.

So why not read through Malachi with eyes and hearts open to the God who yearns to love us into life? Malachi for the Masses unfolds the message of Malachi and its enduring relevance to us today as we wait at the gateway for the return of the King.

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Rich Castro is passionate about preaching and discipleship, is committed to increasing Bible literacy in the church, and has been involved in youth ministry for thirty years.

Following a BSc at Exeter University and fifteen years of teaching mathematics in the private sector, Rich was trained at Reformed Theological Seminary, Florida, where he earned his Master of Divinity degree.

He is married to Emma and together they have three children: Caleb, Anastasia (Stacey) and Josiah.


Rich opens our eyes to this book in a powerful way . . . it will warm your heart and lead you to come humbly before God and to praise him for who he is.’
Dr John Peet, author, chemist and former travelling secretary for the Biblical Creation Society in the UK

An excellent introduction to Malachi . . . Castro writes well, handles Scripture carefully, and gets right to the heart of what these challenging passages have to say to God’s people today. Tony Watkins, speaker and writer on media and the Bible