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The purpose of the comments is to encourage people to read the Bible. The original web address of the comments is The comments that are available have been translated from Dutch into English. It is planned that, God willing, the four lacking comments will be translated and made available in the course of this year 2021. The comments are intended to help you study the Bible personally. The Bible quotations written in full in the commentaries are from the New American Standard Bible-NASB 1995.
The comments on Job, Psalms and Isaiah are written together with Tony Jonathan. The commentary on Ezekiel was written in close collaboration with Ron Vellekoop.
The Bible is the infallible, everlasting Word of God. The Bible is about the Son of God, Who became Man to die on the cross for sinful people. God raised Him from the dead and He is now in heaven. Anyone who confesses his sins and believes in the Son and His work of atonement on the cross will not perish but receive eternal life. Such a person is a child of God. God tells His children in His Word how to live to His glory and all that He intends to give them, because of their connection to His Son.

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About the Author Ger de Koning
Born in the Netherlands in 1948, born again in 1966. Sport was my passion. That it was also for some time after my conversion, until, about 1970, I saw the Lord Jesus had a right on my whole life. Since that full surrender the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God are my passion. Reading and studying God’s Word gave me a deep desire to preach and share God’s Word both in teaching the believers to the edification of the church of God, with an especial care for young believers and in the preaching of the gospel to unbelievers.
This resulted in the writing of simple but not superficial exegesis of all the books of the Bible as well as on different Biblical topics. Of them a lot are translated in other languages. Further, there are a lot of opportunities to teach the Word of God in addresses, Bible readings and on conferences in the Netherlands and abroad.
The Lord has given me a wife, Willy, who is a great help to me. Without her I wouldn’t be able to do this work. We married in 1975. The Lord gave us six children. By the grace of God, they all accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. They are all married, with believers who also want to serve Him. We now (2021) have nineteen grandchildren.
The whole Bible is a splendid book and it’s my prayer that you’ll get this impression in an increasing way.
I wish you God’s blessing!
Ger de Koning
Middelburg, Netherlands, March 2021

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