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Bible Study Methods – Sales

Bible Study Methods in theWord

(Note: The resources are right after the study. Check back often for new sales!)

Brothers and sisters,

In this video series we will be going through 3 John using Bible Study Methods in theWord Bible Software.
Please note we will be adding more content to this video series. Resources on Sale are further down in this post.
3 John Introduction
3 John 1:-14 Grammar – Word Studies
3 John 1:5-8 Phrasing – Grammar
3 John 1:5-8 Divisions – Word Studies
3 John 1:9-12 Phrasing – Grammar
3 John 1:9-12 Divisions – Word Studies
3 John 1:13-14 Phrasing – Grammar Coming!
3 John 1:13-14 Divisions – Word Studies Coming!

In Christ,

Jonathan Koehn @ theWordBooks Team

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