New Testament Text and Translation Commentary

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The purpose of this work is to provide scholars, pastors, students, and serious Bible readers with a commentary on the variant readings in the New Testament that have significance for Bible interpretation and Bible translation—and to do so in a format that is communicative and informative to English readers as well as those who know Greek.

theWord Features

  • Verse popups
  • Verse synchronization
  • Fully searchable text
  • Inline Commentary can be set in Bible view.
  • Commentary link popup can be set in Bible view.
  • Easy navigation via topics tree display.
  • Builtin witness explanations.
  • [?] Additional information available, including How to use this module.


Phillip Comfort has examined, many times over, every single word of every early New Testament manuscript. His previous works include The Test of the Earliest New Testament Manuscripts, Early Manuscripts and Modern Translations of the New Testament, and New Testament Text and Translation Commentary.

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