CSB Worldview Study Bible


 The CSB Worldview Study Bible brings a fresh new approach to the study of Scripture with a focus on how the truths of the Bible impact one’s worldview. Features include extensive worldview study notes and articles by notable Christian scholars. Guided by general editors David S. Dockery and Trevin K. Wax, the CSB Worldview Study Bible is an invaluable resource and study tool that will help you to discuss, defend, and clearly share with others the truth, hope, and practical compatibility of Christianity in everyday life.

Features include:

  • Extensive worldview study notes
  • Over 150 articles by notable Christian scholars
  • References

theWord special features included in Bible:

  • Words of Christ in red (toggle key J)
  • Popup footnotes (toggle key F)
  • Verse per line and Poetry/Paragraph format (toggle key P)
  • Headings (toggle key H)
  • Commentary Links in Bible View, linked to Hybrid Notes Module (toggle key L)
  • Old Testament quotes in bold (toggle key O)
  • Cross-references built into Bible text. (toggle key X)
  • Linked to accompanying Hybrid Notes Module via verse synchronization.
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Features include:

  • General Editors: David S. Dockery and Trevin Wax
  • Associate Editors: Constantine R. Campbell, E. Ray Clendenen, Eric J. Tully
  • Contributors include: Dockery, Wax, Van Neste, Thornbury, Stonestreet, Cabal, Bock, Sharp, Trueman, Ashford, Mohler Jr., Dembski, Vang, Naugle, Marshall, Spencer, Copan, Smith Jr., Groothuis, Moore, Noll, eorge, Sanderson, Smith, Forster, Fong, and more.

The CSB Worldview Study Bible features the highly readable, highly reliable text of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). The CSB stays as literal as possible to the Bible’s original meaning without sacrificing clarity, making it easier to engage with Scripture’s life-transforming message and to share it with others.


Customer Reviews

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Daryl Holtrop

CSB Worldview Study Bible

4 Stars for the CSB Bible, 3 for the Worldview Study Bible/Notes

While expensive, this module is worth it for the CSB Bible text, properly formatted with the official CSB footnotes and cross references. OT quotes (in the NT) are properly formatted, as are the words of Christ. For the price, though, Strong's numbers would be an expected addition. It's annoying to have to go to another version of the Bible to decide what Greek/Hebrew word was used to translate a word in the CSB. Strong's is in the public domain, so this would have only cost the makers additional time and effort. Aside from that, the CSB is a solid translation that brings out nuances of language one may not see in other versions. Think of it as somewhere between the NLT and ESV in translational style.

The CSB has a solid study bible (The CSB Study Bible), but that is not the study bible they chose to use for this module. The Worldview Study Bible is more of a mini-study Bible with separate articles on social issues. There are few notes compared to many study bibles out there. The book introductions and timelines are the same as those in the CSB Study Bible, except the introductions are truncated here, removing some text and artwork. The concordance does not give nearly all the instances of a word. For example, in the entry for "opportunity" (which I chose at random by looking at the passage I happened to have on screen), the concordance states the following:

looking for a good o to betray him. Mt 26:16
and don’t give the devil an o. Eph 4:27

However, the word "opportunity" is used 20 times in the CSB. For the nearby word "oppress" three verses are given, despite the word being used 153 times in the CSB. In this way, the concordance is severely lacking and not worth the inclusion.

There are 132 essays which speak mostly to social issues of our times. These are unique to the Worldview study bible (though conceptually they are not different from many commentators elsewhere), and may be a nice addition when researching social issues and what the Bible might say about those issues.

Overall, though, if you want the CSB Bible text, this is the only non-pirated module which has that, and in today's world, the CSB is a necessary modern translation to have when comparing translations.