Greek New Testament, (UBS5) 5th revised edition


This is the Greek text, sometimes referred to as the “critical text tradition” (UBS5). It is the most widely used critical version of the Greek New Testament. It includes:

  • Passage headings
  • Parallel passages
  • letter casing
  • accents
  • breathing marks
  • punctuation
  • capitalization
  • Old Testament quotes in bold
  • paragraphs and poetry formatting
  • Tagged with:
    • Strong’s codes
    • morphology (grammatical parsing)
    • word lemmas

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Note: If you came here to purchase UBS4. Sorry it is no longer available but if you already own UBS4 you may get the fixes in theWord > Add Titles.


Strong’s codes and morphology codes can either be displayed next to each word or be hidden away and appear when the mouse moves over a word. The module can be searched on original words, ignoring accents and breathing marks if desired. Complex searches including Strong’s codes, word grammar and even lemmas are also supported, along with any arbitrary combination of these.

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