Codex Sinaiticus



Created by the Codex Sinaiticus Project
Sponsor The Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing University of Birmingham
Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council
Transcription D.C. Parker Amy Myshrall T.A.E. Brown with Members of the Institüt für neutestamentliche Textforschung, Münster Transcription,
reconciliation and proofreading Rachel Kevern Conversion to XML and proofreading H.A.G. Houghton Version 1.04, last updated 25.3.2014 The Codex Sinaiticus Project Board 3.11.2010

theWord Features: 

  • Search the Bible for Nomina sacra such as: Ι̅Υ̅  , Θ̅Ν̅ ,  θ̅ν̅  or ι̅υ̅
  • Use toggle key ‘e’ for main corrector color
    This is the main corrector of the Codex Sinaiticus. (Correctors are in Strong’s number color when activated)
  • Use toggle key ‘y’ for other corrector
    The symbol is used for other correctors of the Codex Sinaiticus. (Other corrector symbol is in Strong’s number color)
  • Use toggle key ‘k’ for column mode
    The Codex Sinaiticus was written in a column format. We have used the column data that was provided in the transcription to attempt to replicate this.
  • Use toggle key ‘b’ to make the Greek into Uncials (Uppercase)
    This should cause the content to be much closer to the original. The lowercase Greek is easier to read but not as close to the original Codex Sinaiticus.
  • Use toggle key ‘r’ for removing spaces
    The spaces are helpful for reading but are placed based on the opinion of those who provided the transcription among others. The original Codex Sinaiticus did not have spaces.
  • Use toggle key ‘v’ for symbols
    This will toggle the following symbols (symbols are in morphology color)
    ︴ + Ρ̶ ﹏ ※ ·:· ‾̷‾ ‾̷‾ ‾‾ ˜ s̵ ≀ :· ·:– ωᵨ ωᵨ̲ ( » ONLY for use in margins)
  • footnote indicators
    • pg = page
    • c = column
    • a = apparatus
    • g = graphic
    • l = lectionary
    • s = section
    • t = title
    • rt = running title
  • red text = rubricated text

(Apocrypha not included at present – if you desire apocrypha content in book form please contact us.)

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Alfonso Zerwekh
Codex Sinaiticus

Great package! It is like reading one of the main New Testament manuscript in your computer but the searching features of TheWord. Excellent ! Let me add that this packages in addition to the already available Greek Ne Testament (like UBS or SBLGNT) and commentaries like "Variant Readings of the New Testament" make TheWord a great tool for textual criticism studies of the NT. I hope that some day similar tools be available for the OT also.

Santiago Barandon
GNT Manuscript

Excellent Book