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American Bible Society Bible Resource Center Maps (Normal Resolution version NOT FOR SALE)

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Sixteen (16) maps of Bible lands in normal resolution, suitable for screen reading, study and display. The integrated Graphics Viewer of theWord allows zooming, panning, and easy navigation. With these high-quality maps, you can locate places and their relationships one to another very easily. The areas are in a red font, and the cities are in a black font. These maps are not even available on the American Bible Society website, so this is a great resource for the Bible student.

The same set of maps are also available in 300dpi, high resolution, suitable for high-quality color printing, video projection and high-quality presentations. Check the high-quality set here.

While any Bible student needs this kind of resource, this is especially excellent for Bible class teachers, Sunday School teachers, and pastors as you can copy and paste these images into your own personal Bible presentations.

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AUTHOR: American Bible Society
PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Sixteen full-color, detailed, normal resolution maps of Bible lands. See our high-resolution module of these maps if you want higher and better quality maps. (Note: the high-resolution module has both high and normal resolution together.) We produced this normal-resolution module for those who don’t need the higher resolution maps, like for those who are just going to use these for personal study. Although they are normal resolution maps, they are still very clear and good quality maps none-the-less.

The integrated Graphics Viewer of theWord allows zooming, panning, and easy navigation.

This work includes 16 maps that can be manipulated within theWord to enlarge and viewed in detail:

  • The Ancient Near East
  • Egypt and Sinai
  • Division of Canaan
  • The United Israelite Kingdom
  • Jerusalem in Old Testament Times
  • The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah
  • Assyrian and Babylonian Kingdoms
  • Persian Kingdom
  • Palestine in the Time of the Maccabees
  • Growth of the Roman Empire
  • Palestine Under the Herods
  • Palestine in the Time of Jesus
  • Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus
  • World of the New Testament
  • Paul’s First and Second Journeys
  • Paul’s Third Journey and His Journey to Rome