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The Pocket Dictionary of Christian Spirituality is an A to Z introduction and resource for curious newcomers and novice students of spirituality. From our first call to Abba until we arrive at Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem, Don Thorsen charts the Christian spiritual pilgrimage through its many traditions, schools of thought, and tested practices.

Among the over 300 definitions you’ll find

  • terms and ideas
  • traditions and movements
  • practices and rituals
  • texts and theology

A reliable guide and launching pad for learning, the Pocket Dictionary of Christian Spirituality is a basic resource for the pilgrimage travel bag.

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“This latest addition to IVP’s Pocket Reference series contains over 300 alphabetically ordered terms, customs, doctrines, sacraments, prayers, and people. Authored by an accomplished theology professor and intended for beginners, entries are generally short paragraphs, cogently written and quick to the point. . . . This book would be very handy for the user uninformed on the basic tenets of Christianity or looking for quick information on Pentecost, gnosticism, liturgy, or sin, to cite a few examples.”

Michael Tosko, Booklist, March 1, 2018


Don Thorsen (PhD, Drew University) is professor of theology at Azusa Pacific Seminary. He is the author of An Exploration of Christian TheologyCalvin vs. Wesley, and The Wesleyan Quadrilateral.

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