Is it True? by Clive Anderson and Brian Edwards

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It is True is a very short 48-page work on Biblical Archaeology, showing where secular history records establish the veracity of the Bible in history. These 20 chapters are short and precise defenses and explanations of various points in the Bible that secular “scholars” refuse to accept as fact. The reading of this work is easy and to the point.

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Anderson and Edwards take into consideration some extremely difficult questions about the Bible and answer them. Although these chapters very short and highly readable, they are chocked full of information and references, as well as images of the topics under consideration. While some skeptics attack Scripture as “having never happened” and being pure myth, there is a very strong testimony from archaeology to the Bible. This work hits on a number of secular history’s comments on Bible people and events. If you are looking to build up your faith, this is the book for you!

Chapter Content of Is it True?

  1. Noah and the Worldwide Flood
  2. Who were the Hittites?
  3. The earliest reference to Israel
  4. David a legendary hero?
  5. A Strong Man Unsparing (Shalmaneser III King of Assyria)
  6. Sargon: The king who never lived?
  7. A Battle Royal (Sennacherib, king of Assyria)
  8. Digging for Victory (Hezekiah’s tunnel to water)
  9. Like a Bird in a Cave (Hezekiah’s failure to capture Hezekiah, a secular account)
  10. March 597 bc—precisely! (battle of Carchemish)
  11. Old Nabonidus had a son
  12. The order that was never given (Persian king Belshazzar ordering the return to Jerusalem)
  13. A consensus of the entire Roman world (Ceasar Augustus ordered census)
  14. Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea (Luke’s mention of secular rulers)
  15. Luke was an accurate historian
  16. Intelligent Men (Luke’s depiction of Bible people fits that culture)
  17. The Unknown God at Athens
  18. A City divided (where Jews refused to walk in Jerusalem)
  19. Crucifixion? (crucifying was common in the ancient world)
  20. Here is not here… He has risen! (the fact of the crucifixion).

This work is a subset of a larger work, Evidence for the Bible (260 pages).