Handbook of Biblical Hebrew



The Handbook, designed as a complete tool for the student of Biblical Hebrew, is the result of over twenty- five years of teaching the language. While it is primarily intended for use in Hebrew courses, it is also an excellent tool for a refresher course or useful as a basic grammatical reference work to aid the exegete. Similar in format to the author’s Handbook of New Testament Greek, it combines reading lessons (vol. 1) with grammar, paradigms, and basic vocabulary (vol. 2). William LaSor uses the inductive method, studying directly from the text, rather than the conventional method of language study in which beginning students learn the rules of grammar and syntax and memorize vocabulary, often without reading the actual text. Instead of memorizing numerous forms that will never be encountered in actual reading, the student learns only what he or she encounters.

The lessons are based on the Hebrew text of Esther, chosen because it presents little difficulty in theological or textual matters and has an excellent vocabulary. LaSor has included readings from other portions of the Bible, such as several chapters from Genesis, to introduce the student to Hebrew other than that found in Esther.

The diligent student of this method will learn not only the elements of Hebrew but also how to inductively study the language and how to learn by induction what the Hebrew text says.

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  • Hebrew Lemmas: אָב
  • Special Text Colors
    • Normal: Text
    • Hyperlink: §11.325| Esther 1:2BHS
    • Page Number: [v2 pg1>
    • Latin: plene
    • Transliteration: bay-yā-mîym
    • Hebrew: בַּיָּמִ֖ים
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