What are the differences between the first edition and the second edition?

Taken from http://netbible.com/changes

NET Bible First Edition to Second Edition Changes

The most substantial editing work for this Second Edition centered on the essential task of creating an updated Strong’s Hebrew/Greek to English mapping of the entire translation. This allowed the discovery of discrepancies and inconsistencies as well as creating a collating base for comparing consistency across the entire Bible. We completed many items on our list of initiatives for the Second Edition:

  1. Both OT and NT have updated Strong’s tagged using phrase tagging as well as multiple number tagging.
  2. This detailed Strong’s tagging was used to detect and correct inconsistencies across the OT.
  3. Divine names in the OT have been made more consistent.
  4. Technical terms related to geography, feast names, and the tabernacle have been made more consistent.
  5. References to explicit sexual body parts or sexual acts have been made more euphemistic like it is in the Hebrew and Greek. Sometimes a more transparent translation isn’t always better, such as reading the Christmas story with young children.
  6. Awkward/unidiomatic renderings were revised, and
    Hebrew references in footnotes were corrected and standardized.
  7. We did delete about 3300 footnotes which were deemed unnecessary and superfluous such as “δε has not been translated” or “και has not been translated due to differences in Greek and English style.”

We did not have any changes in translation philosophy between the first drafts and the new Second Edition, and our appreciation of the guidance and faithfulness of W. Hall Harris and the translators remains deep-seated and grows stronger with time. This Second Edition solely comprehends tasks the team had in mind as unfinished and future when we closed down our work on the First Edition. With these tens of thousands of updates, we strove to make a fine translation better. As you know, the extensive use of translators’ notes has simultaneously removed stress for the translators as well as given innumerable insights to the reader by providing a way for the translators to add nuances normally lost in translation.

For a complete list of every verse changed and what changes were made, please visit the NET Bible’s update page…