As valuable a tool as BDAG is, a tool of this complexity and magnitude is bound to have typos, etc. The following is a list of typos, corrections, etc. that I’ve noted in BDAG. Some are only stylistic (e.g., italics–but even the typography in this complex volume is semantic), others are substantive errors. These are based on a first printing copy; errors are being corrected in subsequent impressions (beginning at least with the 3d printing, 2003, perhaps earlier). If you’ve spotted others, drop me a note and I’ll add them (if I can verify your suggestion) see the contact page for an address. Listed by page number. (Note that Greek text is Unicode.)

27, s.v. αἰνέω, Jer. 20:13 should not be listed as an example of a dative object representing the Hebrew lamedh with HDH or HLL (the lamedh is on another verb in this verse: ShYR, ‘to sing’: ShiYRu LaYHWH). In Jer. 20:13 the verb HLL is followed by the object marker with a noun: HaLLu ‘eTH-YHWH. [The examples listed in 1 & 2 Chron. are correct in this regard.] Jer. 20:13 does have αἰνέω with a dative object, it just doesn’t correlate with the Hebrew as the entry in BDAG implies. (This note may have come from BDF sect. 187.4.)

57, s.v. ἄν I.c.γ. italics missing:
now: “ὁσάκις ἐάν as often as:”
should be: “ὁσάκις ἐάν as often as:”

83, s.v. ἀνίστημι, lists the etymology as “α- priv., ἵστημι, but this word is a compound of ἀνά + ἵστημι; it does not have an alpha privative. (added 1/14/05)

140, s.v. ἄρχων, col. 2, 2, line 3, following the ref. to 1 Cor. 2:6-8, the note “s. 1b above” should be: “s. 1c above”

131, s.v., ἀριστερός, α, ὁν, the lexical form is accented incorrectly, it should be: ἀριστερός, ά, όν,  (added 4/16/2010)

152, s.v. ἀυτός, The lexical form is wrong; instead of the neuter ending, a masc art is given. Change the rough breathing mark to an acute: ἀυτός, ή, ό (added 3/7/2009, reported by Zdeněk Halas)

208, s.v. γρηγορέω, #2, comma missing between definition and gloss; should be: “to be in constant readiness, to be on the alert.

228, col. 2, line 12, s.v. διαθήκη; ref. Jer. 38:31 should be 31:31. (added 8/14/06)

240, accent missing on διαχωριζω; should be διαχωρίζω.

246, s.v. δίκαιος, “righteous” should be listed as a gloss (it is used frequently as a gloss in the article following [and italicized], so was probably accidentally omitted from the gloss list?)

295, s.v. εἴτε, s. εἰ 6o (which looks like ’60’) should be punctuated: 6.o. –i.e. sect. 6, subsect. “oh” (on p. 279).  (added 9/5/06)

301, line 7 of entry s.v. ἔκδικος, wrong portion of text cited (?);
now: “Of civil authority: διάκονος ἔκδικος agent of punishment Ro 13:4” 
but should be: “Of civil authority: ἔκδικος εἰς ὀργην agent of punishment Ro 13:4″ (?)

302,”ἐκέρδησα s. κράζω.” should read “… s. κερδαίνω.”

350, s.v. ἕξις, lines 6-7, Greek text of Heb. 5:14 is out of order:
now: αἰσθητήρια διὰ τὴν ἕ. τὰ γεγυμνασμένα
correct: διὰ τὴν ἕ. τὰ αἰσθητήρια γεγυμνασμένα

351, col. 2, ἐξόν [the participle form of εἰμί], the cross-reference should be to ἔξεστιν 1.d. rather than to point 4 (which doesn’t exist in that entry). (added 2/1/2012, courtesy of Jaripekka Juhala)

356, s.v. ἐπαγωνίζομαι, English spelling error in extended definition: extert should be exert. (added 11/15/2012 courtesy of Wayne Anderson)

366 (last text on the page), “–M-M” should be at the end of the article/entry (= p. 367, col. 2, line 3) (added 3/24/05)

368, s.v. ἐπίγειος, in the first division, “1. pert. to what is chacteristic of the earth…” should be “characteristic” (just an English typo/misspelling). Spotted by Ronaldo Ghenov, 1/2/2014.

386, In the entry for ἐπιφάνεια, the reference “ALaw, Manifest in Flesh ’96” at the end of the first paragraph should be “ALau, Manifest in Flesh ’96”. The work in question is: Lau, Andrew Y. Manifest in Flesh: The Epiphany Christology of the Pastoral Epistles. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 1996. Chuck Bumgardner, reported 6/11/2016

455, s.v., θῆλυς, 5th line of entry: incorrect accent in a citation (text reads “εἴτε ἄρσενα εἴτε θηλείαν GJs 4:1,” should be θήλειαν). This error spotted by Zdeněk Halas, reported 1/6/2009

487, s.v., κἀγώ, 3.b. “(cp. 16:9)” verse ref. should not be bold (text reads καί ἐγώ, not κἀγώ)

500, s.v., κακολογέω, the 2S future form is given as οκακολογήσεις; where the stray omicron on the front came from, I’ve no idea! [Spotting this typo is to be credited to my 2d year Greek class, fall 2005. Sharp eyes guys!] (added 9/14/05)

518, s.v., κατακόπτω, English spelling error in gloss: lacereate should be lacerate. (added 10/6/08)

608. s.v. μάγος, there should not be a rough breathing mark over the genitive ending.  (added 10/17/11, thanks to Wes Dingman)

649, col. 1, line 7, s.v. μήποτε, “the text” should not be bold

659, col. 1, s.v. μόνος, 2.c.x, 3 lines from the end of the paragraph: “…TestJob 11:7; Ar 13, 7) Mt 21:9 …” There is a period missing after the abbrev “Ar”–which makes the reference to a totally different source (see BDAG’s abbrev. list 8!). The text intended is the Apology of Aristides = POxy 1778 (not the journal Archaeologia). There is also some question as to the reference; is it 13.7 (as in BDAG), or 13.6 (where I’ve found the text elsewhere)? I’ve requested an ILL copy of the published edition of this text from JTS 25 (1924): 73-77, H. Milne, “A New Fragment of the Apology of Aristides,” which BDAG cites by page and line number, to verify his reference. Thanks to the several people who helped me sort this out on my blog on March 6, 2009. [There may be a similar problem on 692, s.v., ὅθεν, 1.b. (last line on the page), but I haven’t verified that; reported on my blog by Thomas.]

661, s.v., μύλος, 2. Mt. 9:42 should be Mk. 9:42

690, col. 1, line 2, “narrrative” > “narrative” (an extra r), s.v., ὅδε

737, s.v., οὐρανόθεν; accent missing from root form: οὐρανος should be οὐρανός.

794, s.v., πέμπω, first line of entry: 1 aor. form is given as ἑπεμψα, but should be ἔπεμψα  (i.e., smooth breathing and acute, not rough breathing). (added 3/7/2009, reported by Zdeněk Halas)

829, s.v. πλήρωμα, 1.b., the first part of the entry should not be italicized (it is the definition, not part of the gloss); correct = “1.b. that which makes someth. full/complete, supplement, complement…”

878, s.v. προσέρχομαι, 1.b. (end), the reference to 1 Peter 2:3 should be to v. 4, not v. 3

897, accent missing on neuter ending of πυκνός, ή, ον (should be listed as: πυκνός, ή, όν)

946, s.v., στοιχέω, the comments on Phil. 3:16 and Rom. 4:12 have gotten tangled and confused. The translation given after the Greek text of Rom. 4:12 is for the preceding Phil. 3:16 (check both your Greek text and the punctuation in BDAG). The transl. of the phrase from Rom. 4:12 (which was included in BAGD) has been omitted; should have “follow in someone’s footsteps” here. [This error was first noted by Randy Leedy on the b-greek list, 11/06/02.]

948, s.v. στρέφω, the second aorist form given in some early printings in incorrect (I think this has been corrected since it is correct in my electronic copy in Accordance. RD); instead of ἐστράφν, it should beἐστράφην.  (added 4/16/2010, reported by Zdeněk Halas)

956, col. 1, line 15, s.v. σύλλημμα, ατοσ, τό, should have a final sigma on the genitive ending: σύλλημμα, ατος, τό, (added 5/6/05; pg # correction from Peter Scott, 9/08. Thanks.)

987, col. 2, line 17, “in control of onself” should be “in control of oneself” (added 9/23/2013, courtesy of Ronaldo Ghenov’s sharp eye).

1028, s.v. ὑπάγω, def. #1, spelling/typo: soneone’s > someone’s

1088, s.v. χράομαι, 3. last two full lines, φιλανθρώπως … χρησάμενος–the NT ref. is missing, add: Acts 27:3 (Thanks to Jeff Smelser for spotting this one.) (added 9/22/06)

1101, s.v. ὧδε, 2. “a ref. to a present event, object, or cicumstance…”; should be “… circumstance…” (English spelling error). (added 3/28/2012, reported by Ronaldo Ghenov)

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