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Value of theWord Bible Software

valueThis theWord software is a tremendous software package for studying the Bible. It is extremely powerful, as well as being easy to use. This software can be used by people who are new to Bible study software, as well as by professional ministers. This software is being used by different missions agencies to put the Bible into native, indigenous langauges (see for many the indigenous languages that a Bible module exists for).

This program has various tremendous features that is rare in other Bible software programs, and here we will review some of these features in this post, and succeeding posts.

Composition of Sermons

This program allows the user to make his own modules, and in this, a pastor can build and create sermons from within this program. There are features like Control-D to versify the current topic and you can have all Bible references transform into links to that place in the Bible, plus pop-ups with the verses in a pop-up bubble.

Moreover, you can open two panels, one for your sermon, and another with your library, and you can copy and paste between your books and your sermon. You can go through lists of verses on a particular (like Treasury of Scripture Knowledge) and with a Bible commentary pane open, you can check commentaries on each verse you click on. You can set theWord to automatically popup Strong’s definitions (or another Greek lexicon based on Strong’s numbers) and these will pop up when using a Bible with Strong’s numbers. Of course theWord has a full featured word processor built into the editing part of the program.

Moreover, if you like to develop your sermons in a regular word processor, you can just open theWord also, set it to watch the clipboard, minimize it, and every time you copy a Bible reference, it will pop-up a balloon with that scripture in it. If you Ctrl++Shift+V, the reference in the clipboard will be exchanged for the actual verse(s), and with another Control+V to insert it into your Word Processor.

If you like viewing one or more commentaries as you study through a passage, theWord will allow you to have one or multiple commentaries open and it will move the place in these commentaries as you scroll through a passage in the Bible window.

Comparative Bible Study

The real power of theWord can be seen in a comparative study of various Bibles. In theWord you can bring these Bibles up side by side. Many Bible programs (the more stronger ones at least) will allow you to do this. But theWord goes beyond. How many Bible programs allow you to search on a set (determined by you) of Bibles for a word or phrase through all of them? For example, if you study the KJV Bible, the NIV, and NASB, etc. all together, and do a comparative Bible word search for atonement, you will find that many modern Bibles substitute that word for something else. To do this by hand in most Bible programs would take a tremendous amoung of time and effort, and in theWord it can be done in a single search.

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