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February 7, 2017 News

Greetings! We continue to work out the bugs of this website, and mostly we have everything running perfectly. We are now trying to get the last of old contracts renewed. If you see modules that we had up on, but there is no “purchase now” link, it is because we are renegociating the contracts, and we are also finishing up the few that we need to get all of them done.

theWord NewsNew Modules:

We are working on getting the contracts and copyrights for several new modules, the Revised Standard Version Bible, and the New Revised Standard Version Bible.

New Version of Existing Modules:

We are working on a current 2017 version of Constable notes.

Modules temporarily on hold, now available:

The Spanish Bible, RVR60, The Good News Bible(92), the BRC Maps (Maps of Bible Lands).

Dropped Modules:

For different reasons we are dropping the following modules for now, The Message Bible, The Common English Bible, and the Contemporary Chinese Version (CCV). The Contemporary Chinese Version is under revision, and a new version will come out in the future, and when it does, we may pick it up again.

2 thoughts on “February 7, 2017 News

  1. jonathanbethanykoehn says:

    How can I subscribe my email to this blog? I’m already subscribed to the newsletter I believe.

  2. jonathanbethanykoehn says:

    By the way thanks for working on updating Constable’s notes

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