Happy New Year 2017!

We at would like to send you Happy New Year wishes. We finally got the website up and running right before Christmas. We are still ironing out the last details to get everything running the way it is supposed to run.

We are looking forward to this year and serving you. In the end, this website exists to serve you the theWord Bible Software community. We appreciate you! We would like to also welcome any suggestions that you might have. We are especially interested in works that you would like to see as a new premium offer. This can be a specific book and author, or even a genre of books i.e. “more Bible dictionaries” or “more Hebrew works”. We will be guided by what is possible and what you tell us in your feedback.

As we look forward to this year, we are already working on new offerings, and hopefully in January you will begin to see new titles on the website. We are also working on the possibility of sales events throughout the year. As we plan and execute these, we would encourage you to check the website regularly. Also sign up for the newsletter to keep up to breast with all the new offerings and also sales events.

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