Webmaster – December 2016

Welcome! This is news about our website, theWord community in general, and module offerings through us.

General News

TheWord is just getting started (for December 2017). First off, we are glad that you have come across our website. Our goal is to serve you with good Christian books for the study of the Bible. We welcome suggestions, complaints, and observations about our modules and our website. Please feel free to make them to me.

Our plans are to move all of the premium modules formerly at onto this website. Our target date for opening is by the first days of December. We also want to let you know that we will be putting out a periodic newsletter with new modules offered, so that you can be kept up-to-date on what is available. We want you to know about new things on our website as soon as they are available, so please enroll in our newsletter. It allows us to keep in contact with you. If there is ever a situation where a module is corrupted, recalled, or a new updated version of a module is available, we will notify you here.

In the general news section we will also update you on any news we come across about theWord Program itself, also updated versions.

New Modules

It is my desire to fill this website with a lot of good books useful for studying the Bible. I will be trying to put up at least a couple of new books every month or two as contracts for new books are processed, modules created, and then posted them on the website.

Dayone Publications

Bible Panorama
Jesus Christ: The Prince of Preachers
Gen 1-11
It is True

Modules Updated

At this time, we do not have any updated modules. Enroll in our newsletter to get this post sent to you every month or so, and if you have purchased a module, and some error was found in it, we will note it here. We also will use your email you used in purchasing the module to directly notify you of the error or corruption in the module, and we will send you instructions of how to get an updated version of that module for free. We will not contact people who have purchased modules unless they subscribe to the newsletter. Our only contact with you is basically to update the module you purchased. In rare cases where there is a related work that we think you might also be interested in, we may send you an occasional email notifying you of that.

Discontinued Modules

It is sad when we have to remove or discontinue modules, but this section will advise you of when this happens.

Common English Bible (CEB)
The Message Bible

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